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  SuperModel Sailplanes News
-December 1st, 2000

After a long period of neglect, Erik has once again updated his site. Though the site is now becoming a project documentation page, it still possess the kits section. This section will shortly be converted into a project page.

Erik has completed the design, building and flight testing of his long-running Nuance HLG. He is proud to say it has no bad habbits and is in the process of building kits for PASS club members. If you are interested, please E-mail Erik at the Contact page.

Erik is also developing an interest in the design of Flying Wings. He has recently made an Excel Spreedsheet documenting and charting several data fields for about twelve flying wing airfoils. The data came from an aerodynamics page Erik has regretfully forgotten the address of. He would love to give recognition to this site, but he can't. So instead, he would like to thank all the creators and researchers providing the model aircraft community with the wonderfully resourceful webpages.

To download the spreadsheet, please click here: Flying Wing Airfoil Datasheet

Be sure you have WinZip file decompressor or similar application.

-July 4th, 2000

After the constant demands from Rob to remove him from the web page and a has quit the "nonexistent business" in his words (as of now), I have finally given in and have removed him from the web page. In other news... I am now working on the Nuance HLG design. I currently have the fuse plug complete and am working on the mold. I expect the design to be completed by the end of the summer. You can see more information on the Nuance at the Kits Section. Please check back for more developements soon.

-May 27th, 2000

Erik has done some more updates to the site. He added some advertisements to help fund the developement of our kits. That's about it for now. Please visit the site often to find more updates and news breaks.

-April 12th, 2000

Erik went on a week-long trip to Utah, USA over his school's spring break on the Second of April. It was a day and a half car ride from Vancouver, WA. Erik's family stayed at his Aunt and Uncle's house which had a great slope directly behind it. Just a short hike out the back yard and up the hill, and you were flyin' in great (but turbulent) lift. There Erik flew his brother's Picachu (with shame at the fact he used a 'Pokemon' airplane) Zagi. He also earned his LSF level II one hour slope flight. Erik and his dad also did some searching for lift with the handlaunch and found a good little dirt lot with a ten-foot slope. This slope had a convient handlaunch level wind which would ocasionally stop when the boomer thermals rolled through. Erik and his dad spent some time catching that lift and had a good time. Erik also flew on a small slope by the parking lot of the visitor's center on Antelope Island, in the Great Salt Lake. There Erik got some great lift and had (yet another) great time. That pretty much sums up Erik's flying adventures in Utah. He and his family spent the rest of the time skiing and visiting. Erik highly recommends the lift in Uath. He has found (outside of the 'no tresspassing' signs) loads of possible slope and flat-land site in the Salt-lake City area in Utah. He has loaded all the (good) pictures from the trip onto the Photo Gallery section of the site for your enjoyment. Have a great week!

-April 1st, 2000

Erik has again been working on updating and adding to the website. He has just completed the new web banner, and plans on send it out to the depths of cyberspace to advertise the site. If you would like to add a link on your site to this site, please copy the link banner below and feel free to use it as you please on your site. But be warned, please do not edit it more than changing the banner's dimentions.

Click Here for the SuperModlel Sailplanes Co. Website

-March 31st, 2000

Erik just got done making a logo/banner/poster image. He has also been digitizing (a.k.a. scanning in) all the flying pictures he can find. Soon there will be multiple Photo Galleries because, hey, who wants to sit around for five minutes, waiting for hundreds of pics to load. (I know I don't.) Erik hopes to see more mail from visitors. He hopes you enjoy the site and reminds you to eagerly await the completion of the Excel HLG. Not too long now until it is ready for kitting. (e.t.a. is a month or so [very rough guestimation])

-March 25th, 2000

More updates with the Photo Galley. More pics added. Small changes to Front page. Not too much. Oh-yah. Rob added stuff about his up-coming HLG, the Excel (find it under the Kits section).

-March 25th, 2000

Erik worked hard into the night putting all the photos on the picture page. He is very proud of is work. Hope you like it too. So far the mailing form doesn't work (at least with Erik's version of AOL). Please report to Erik if you get the mailing form to send me the form results, not just a blank mail with a pre-typed subject and mailing address. Any feedback would be very welcome. Thank you for your support.

-March 20th, 2000

As always, Erik (our head web builder) has been hard at work, trying to finish the webpage. He is making slow, but steady progress in between school and flying. Rob (our head designer) has been developing and testing our new sailplane designs as well. He also has school and homework to work around. Erik is now working on (along with the page) creating the Epp foam slope division of SMSP (SuperModel SailPlanes Co.). He plans on making several prototypes before releasing any kits. Come back often to see new developments in our site and business.