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  SuperModel Sailplanes Kits
-Due to the fact that SMSP Co. is still in the design and developement stage, I have no kits to offer. Erik is, However, working on designs for Epp fun fly/ combat slopers (as well as other things). There is lots for my future customers to look forward to, so check back here again to see new product developements. For now I have some pages with some information on Erik's Nuance HLG and other things. -Erik is also in the design and developement stage of making a Biplane-type Foam Slope Comabt/Fun Fly airplane. He is currently working on the prototype. Expect to hear news of this developement soon in the News Section. -Erik is now in the process of making a competitive HLG. Check the link called 'Nuance HLG' for more information.

Nuance HLG

Biplane Foam Combat/Fun Fly

Tator Cannon